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Graduate Student Housing Raffle

[Image of multi-colored ticket collage with text, "Live rent free for one year! Home Sweet Home. Graduate Student Housing Raffle. Live at Seven Springs Apartments. Buy tickets at $25 for 3. Seven Springs Apartments boasts: a convenience store, tennis court, an outdoor pool. 2nd place prize: Cherry Blossom Cruise tickets. 3rd place prize: Terrapin Express Card."]

Win FREE HOUSING for an entire year!


How it Works: A local apartment complex provides us with an apartment unit, complete with cable, internet, electric, water, a parking spot, and more! Then, we raffle off the apartment (along with some cool 2nd & 3rd place prizes), and the proceeds go right back to grad students in the form of our Professional Development Award! If you win, you'll be living completely RENT FREE for a whole lease year!

The 2018 Graduate Student Housing Raffle is in the works.

Check back later in the semester for more information.