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Graduate Student Professional Development Award

The Graduate Student Professional Development Award is sponsored by Graduate Student Life to support students hoping to travel to academic conferences and workshops. The award was established in 2014 from revenue generated during the Gradaute Student Housing Raffle. The pilot program was offered during the 2015-16 academic year. Each of the 10 recipients received a $200 award for their cost of attendance.

In particular, students who show leadership in their community as well as a clear dedication to improving their field of research and practice should apply.

Applications are currently closed, but check back in Fall 2017 for our next round of applications!


Who: All presently enrolled degree-seeking graduate students are invited to apply. Both masters and doctoral students are eligible for this award. Students who are registered in either classes or dissertation/thesis credits are also eligible. Students do not need to be presenting at the conference or workshop to receive this award (you will be asked to submit proof of attendance if selected).

We are especially seeking students who have shown leadership or a commitment to positively impacting their communities. Graduate students who can display how their active involvement and innovative research/studies are contributing to their field, the University of Maryland, and wider community will be highly considered.

When: Graduate Student Life is offering ten $200 awards in Spring 2016. Successful applicants will be notified in late February/early March for the award. The academic conference or workshop that applicants plan to attend must occur after the deadline for submitting applications. In other words, awards cannot be used retro-actively for conferences already attended.

Where: Graduate students are welcome to use their awards for international or domestic conferences and workshops. The student will need to provide information in their application that demonstrates that the conference/workshop is an officially organized academic event related to the student’s career and/ or research interests.

How: Graduate Student Life will reimburse awardees up to $200 of their cost of attendance and travel to an academic conference or workshop. Recipients of the award will need to supply receipts for their expenses up to this amount. Items that can be reimbursed may include: conference/workshop registration, academic events sponsored by the conference/workshop, airfare, train expenses, hotel fees, and airport shuttles. Students will be able to receive funding in advance in many situations; however, it is possible some expenses will need to be reimbursed.

Award recipients will be selected by a diverse committee of individuals. 

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