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[Image of multi-colored paint splotches reads: Graduate Student Life Presents Spring 2018 Craft Nights for #GradTerps. In the Graduate Student Lounge 4-6pm. (See below for event details).]

Spring 2018 Schedule

Craft Night was a new initiative in Fall 2017, and was designed to give grad students a BREAK! We all get tired of being adults, so why not act like a kid again? Join us this semester for Craft Nights, where you can make some art, eat some treats, and chill out for a second! These crafts require little to no artistic skill and are great for beginners.

During the Spring 2018 semester, Craft Nights will take place one Thursday night a month from 4-6pm in the Graduate Student Lounge.


Thursday, January 18

Embroidery Night

On campus (or nearby) for winter term? Come and learn the basics of embroidery so you can spend the rest of the cold months snug in your blanket with your latest project! We will provide supplies, but feel free to bring your own and just spend time crafting in the presence of others.


Thursday, February 8

Stuffed Turtle Night

Join us to make a snuggle Terp Valentine for that special someone. Don't know how to sew? We'll teach you! We'll provide all the materials you'll need to make a truly unique turtle.


Thursday, March 8

Bead Keychain Night

Remember Perler Beads? Come relive (or discover!) the joy of melting plastic to create your own unique keychain! We will provide the supplies, you provide the design ideas!


Thursday, April 19

Paper Quilling

Learn the ancient art of shaping and flying paper strips to create intricate masterpieces. Construct beautiful cards, gift-boxes, or stand-alone paper sculptures. Use our simple templates or bring your own 8x11 image.


Take care of your heart -
make some art!