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Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life 
Congratulations and welcome to the University of Maryland community! The University of Maryland is rich in tradition and opportunities. No matter your background, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, close to campus or commuting from farther away, the university has many enjoyable and engaging exepriences.  

As an Off-Campus Terp, you are one of tens of thousands of students who commute to the University of Maryland by public transit, automobile, bicycle, and foot. There are a variety of unique aspects about commuting to campus, such as enjoying one's family while going to school, eating home-cooked meals, being able to enjoy diverse environments throughout your day, and having the opportunity to save money by living with family or friends. Transfer and Off-Campus Student Life is here to connect you to different opportunities on campus to get the best experience both off AND on campus!


Welcome to the University of Maryland! Follow these links to discover services and resources to help you learn about the University and make a successful transition to being an Off-Campus Terp!

Transfer and Off Campus Student Life "Campus Tour"

Here are a few spots you might find yourself traveling to on campus and how to get to each from the Stamp...

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid is located in 0102 Lee Building. The quickest way to get there from the Stamp is to head towards the McKeldin Mall, cutting across to the Southeast corner. Cross Regents Dr. from the mall and the Lee building will be on your left. 

Tip: It's an 8 minute walk, so feel free to grab some ice cream from the Maryland Dairy in the Stamp to eat on your journey.

UMD Health Center

It's right across the street from the front of the Stamp. Look out the door, it's right there!

Tip: Be sure to use the crosswalk!

McKeldin Library

The McKeldin Library is located at the top of the McKeldin Mall (West). From the Stamp, cross Campus Dr. and walk to the left of Health Center. Follow the sidewalk to the right until you see a set of stairs headed towards a very large building on the mall with a Testudo statue in front.  That large building is the Library. Now go get your reading on!

Tip: Pat the head of the Testudo when you pass by it, it's good luck!

Office of the Registrar

The Registrar is located on the First Floor of the Mitchell Building. The Mitchell Building is located at the end of McKeldin Mall (East). Cross Campus Dr. and head towards the Mall but DON'T cross the Mall, instead take a left when you get to the Mall and walk along it. The Mitchell Building will be right across Regents Dr.

Tip: Take a slow walk and enjoy the scenery. The Mall is beautiful, and the squirrels are cute!

Eppley Recreation Center

The Eppley Center is a 10 minute walk North (out the back exit of the Stamp) from the Stamp.  It's a fun pre-workout workout! Here are the directions:

Exit outside the back of the Stamp and cross Fieldhouse Dr. and go down the hill that follows the outside of Shipley Field. Follow the sidewalk until you see a small parking lot that slants uphill on your right and cross the parking lot. Cross Stadium Dr. and head left then take the first path you see to your right. Follow that path until you get to Farm Dr., and take a left on Farm. You'll eventually see Eppley right in front of you (it's big).

Tip: If you get lost on your journey, don't be afraid to ask one of your fellow Terps for directions! Also, remember to drink plenty of water while you exercise!

Career Center

The Career Center is located in 3100 Hornbake Library. Exit the front of the Stamp and take a left on the sidewalk. Walk down Campus Dr. until you see Hornbake Library on your left.

Tip: You could also cut across Hornbake Plaza, the large plaza to your left when you exit the Stamp.

LGBT Equity Center

The Equity Center is located in 2218 Marie Mount Hall. Head out the front of the Stamp and towards McKeldin Mall. Take a left across the Mall until you see Marie Mount. It should be the last building on the side opposite the Stamp.

Tip: Watch out for flying frisbees on the Mall...or take a detour and make new friends by joining in!

International Student & Scholar Services

ISSS is located in 3109 Susquehanna Hall, which is right next to South Campus Commons. You can take a right on Campus Dr. when you exit the Stamp, and follow Campus Dr. as it turns into Preinkert Dr. and take a left on Lehigh Rd. The building will be on your left.

Tip: If you have time, take the scenic route and cut through the Mall, heading south. This is another trip you could certainly bring along some Dairy store ice cream or some other treat.

UMD Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is located in the Shoemaker Building, right across a small parking lot next to the Memorial Chapel.  Cut directly across the middle of McKeldin Mall, staying left of Francis Scott Key Hall, until you get to Chapel Drive. The Shoemaker Building is to the right of the parking lot.

Tip: Be sure to check out the Garden of Reflection and Remembrance right next to the Memorial Chapel. It's a great way to relax and reflect!











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