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Off-Campus Student Life 
Congratulations and welcome to the University of Maryland community! The University of Maryland is rich in tradition and opportunities. No matter your background, whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, close to campus or commuting from farther away, the university has many enjoyable and engaging exepriences.  

As an Off-Campus Terp, you are one of tens of thousands of students who commute to the University of Maryland by public transit, automobile, bicycle, and foot. There are a variety of unique aspects about commuting to campus, such as enjoying one's family while going to school, eating home-cooked meals, being able to enjoy diverse environments throughout your day, and having the opportunity to save money by living with family or friends. Off-Campus Student Life is here to connect you to different opportunities on campus to get the best experience both off AND on campus!


Welcome to the University of Maryland! Follow these links to discover services and resources to help you learn about the University and make a successful transition to being an Off-Campus Terp!












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