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Yes, we know you're busy, but...

...the following organizations and committees provide ways for graduate students to meet other grads, share ideas, have some fun, and even make a tangible impact on university policy. Furthermore, the required time commitment for most organizations is low. Check out the list below for ideas or stop into the Graduate Student Suite to talk about the options in-person. The Coordinator of Graduate Student Life, in addition to advising the Graduate Student Government, provides institutional support to the 70+ registered graduate student organizations. The Coordinator works with students to help them start new organizations, find funding, and help them navigate any campus bureaucracy they might encounter.

Graduate Student Government (GSG)  
Graduate Student Government is the graduate student governmental body charged with serving and representing all graduate students at the University of Maryland. You can run for an executive office, serve as a representative from your department, sit on a number of GSG committees, or simply attend monthly GSG Assembly meetings.

Student Organizations                         
There are over 800 registered student organizations, including some that are specified as graduate student-specific organizations, at the University of Maryland. All are open to any registered University of Maryland student. Not seeing a group you are interested in, gather up some friends and start your own!

University Senate 
University Senate is the principal governing body for the University of Maryland. While similar to faculty senates at some colleges, the University Senate includes faculty, students and staff members. There are 9 voting graduate members. Please contact Graduate Student Government's Vice President of Community Affairs at to express your interest.

Campus Committees               
Campus committees receive relatively little fanfare or publicity but tend to be where most campus-wide policy decisions are made. Please contact Graduate Student Government's Vice President of Community Affairs at to express your interest.

Leadership and Community Service Learning              
A great resource for volunteering your time both on and off of campus.

Student Honor Council
The Honor Council deals with issues of academic integrity on campus. It is critical that graduate students be on the Council to hear cases, especially when they involve graduate students. Select the above link for more information or contact:

University Student Judiciary            
Members of the Central Judicial Board hear the University's most serious non-academic conduct cases which may result in a suspension or expulsion from the University. It's important for graduate students to serve on the Judiciary, especially when cases involve graduate student conduct.