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True sustainability happens when it is embedded into our core operation. The Green Office Program 
engages staff, faculty and students in a dynamic initiative that promotes best environmental practices at 
the University of Maryland. The program supports and promotes offices/units that are taking steps 
toward reducing their environmental footprint. It seeks to motivate environmentally friendly behaviors 

by providing definitive guidelines and reducing confusion about best practices. The program operates through a network of representatives (GO Reps) in schools, centers and administrative units. The ALC is currently at the Bronze level and working toward the Silver level. 


The ALC is a member of the Green Office program through the UMD Sustainability Office and is working to continually ensure the studios operate in an eco-friendly way and that many of the workshop and course offerings that highlight the important relationship between the arts and the natural world. The ALC was awarded a grant from the UMD Sustainability Office which is being used for sustainability based workshops, training and equipment. Learn more at


Join our team!

Teach your talent! The Art and Learning Center is always happy to accept applications for dance, drawing, painting, digital, and photography instructors. Applicants can email with a resume and cover letter, to the attention of the Graduate Assistant Coordinator.